Wellington Rugby Football Union

[one_headings title="Client: Wellington Rugby Football Union" description="" description_color="#000000" alignment="align-left" separator="disable"] Project work I have completed a number of design projects for Wellington Rugby Football Union.


We have standardized and formalized corporate identity of the brand, creating a comfortable and friendly guide.Developed the necessary regulations for the use of the logo, company fonts, colors and design of advertising materials.

A unique methodology for placing the logo on the sites of all sizes, from labels to micro billboards. As part of a separate set leyblbuk – rules on the use of the logo on different labels.


Naraván are natural beauty care products for women and, soon to be developed, men. The fabrication process is completely artisanal, made with chemical-free ingredients, values clearly visible in the results of each product. The main benefit is the reduction of aging effects and external agents that deteriorate our body.