How to create a personal brand, and why you should

TThe concept of having a personal brand can be intimidating. It seems like only famous people have a shot at establishing one, since their names are already well-known. Fortunately, you don’t have to achieve widespread fame, or even fame within your industry, before you can win at personal branding. Impressive panoramic opulent polo pedigree theatre […]

1970s stock photos were even more awkward than today

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Type that mimics the architecture of Barcelona’s Joan Miró foundation

LLondon studio Mucho borrows from the building’s forms for the foundation’s 40th anniversary campaign Mucho’s major concern was covering a lot of ground with a brand identity that includes environmental graphics, video, and lots of print materials, without mimicking Miró’s own style too closely nor riffing too heavily on the foundation’s preexisting corporate identity—all while […]